Insight Institute

Insight Institute

Here you can see insight our institute. It shows well established theory lecture room, computer lab, training methodology along with excellent complied materials. Our institute focus on practical based training rather than more on theory. Student has to 8 learn on computers, they have to do demo task (practical work) from the 2nd week onwards training hours.

Our training methodology is not typically as traditional nature. Our training methodology is as follow:

- Highly equipped with computer and internet access

- Headphone to listen video lectures

- Excellent training materials

- Student can approachable to trainer any time i.e. 24 x 7

- Query or Doubts can be resolved on WhatsApp

- Fortnightly assessment procedure

- No restriction on mobile usage – it is used with discipline

- No need to take permission to have a cup of tea or snacks while you are studying in the class room

- Flexible timing for classes

For more information you can contact us.
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