What to do – Further Study or Job?

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What to do – Further Study or Job?

Many graduate students has a question – What to do after completion of graduation? Further study or job? We say you must have to do BOTH.

As a being graduate student, every student had a question in their mind that what to do after completing bachelor degree like B.Com. B.Sc.?

The confusing question is that will I have to do further Study or Job? We say that you can do BOTH. Next question will arise that how it is possible? The answer is that along with your master degree, you have to join some vocational courses, which enables you to go get JOB on completion of it and you can also continue to your master degree. It sounds good, isn’t it?

Completing your graduation is not equivalent to a great career. You need better degree along with best knowledge to face competitive edge. Since you have completed your graduation / master in Commerce field, you must be inclined towards accounting job profile. Now days, it is a time where student also do some vocational courses to get practical knowledge.

If we see people living around us, 80% of young generation wants to start their career after completing their graduation because to fulfill their family’s’ need. It has been also seen that it’s a common human nature to dream to get good salary package and earn more money very quickly. If you are well educated, the easiest way to fulfill your dream is to get a high paid job. A high paid job satisfies one’s basic needs and at the same time provides the key to spend the surplus in fulfilling one’s dreams like buying homes, cars and another luxury lifestyle. Here are the three “S” that every fresher needs to focus on.

1. Salary

The most attractive word in professional life is “Salary”. Moreover, when you are earning high salary it gives a great motivation to a person who is getting it after a hard study and laborious work. A high paying job gives the mental satisfaction of the full utilization to a person who incurred cost engaged behind the study from schooling to college. The good mind reflects a good human being. High paying salary fulfill their need as well as it give satisfaction.

2. Satisfied mind brings happiness:

To bring happiness in life, high paying job is one of the parts, which give satisfaction to a person at fullest. Person utilizes the money for the fulfillment of their responsibilities and dreams, which in turn makes a person happy and contended. His mind states in the purest form and the person becomes happy from within. Person’s mind-body reflects a happy being that stands as an example in front of many in the same path.

3. Synergy:

Synergy it means the interaction or cooperation of two or more people/organizations, to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. When a fresher join any organization, he has to work with full dedication towards organization. Similarly, organization will also provide synergy to employees, therefore, it can build bonding and trust with employees. With the synergy effect, it shows growth of organization as well as employees. Positive synergy resulting from employees and organizations, may include the generation of more ideas, more creative solutions, increased acceptance of the decision by group members, and increased opportunity for the expression of diverse opinions.

It is clear that a high paid salary gives job satisfaction. While happiness is important when considering employment, financial concerns matter, too. To get high paid salary job and happiness in the life, people has to take GOOD EDUCATION (not bookish knowledge!!).

Learning continues for a lifetime.

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